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 Charles A. Zweck, Consultant SM


System Design / Reengineering

Network / Phone Installation / Support

Training, Disaster Recovery Planning

Independent Theatre Services SM  can help you start an independent theatre.  With services such as studio introductions, contact management, motion picture booking services, concession stand design / product / vendor selection / introduction and contact management, Independent Theatre Services SM  makes it easy to open a new independent theatre.  To start with brand name recognition, you can even license our trademarked Heart Gourmet Popcorn SM . For more information, e-mail


Projection / Audio Consulting SM  has been here to serve you since 2003.  From professional 35mm, digital, and LCD projection and theatrical audio design and troubleshooting to home theatre installation choose H-Z Theatres LLC for all your projection and audio visual needs.  Projection Services include film (including 16mm) and audio/visual troubleshooting such as platter speed adjustments, keystone correction, projector routine maintenance, training / outsourcing / part-time / emergency fill-in for your projection room including building and tearing of films (splicing together cans of film from studio to a platter before showing, and removing splices to return film to cans).   Specializing in old projection equipment, you can get projection room orientations to help you reopen old theatres quicker, and location services to rare hard-to-find parts.  You can even rent equipment for special events, or lease audio visual components for your theatre or home.  Design services include: house (auditorium) re/design, projection room layout, equipment specification and selection, projection distance / size ratio computation (answers the question, “Can we split the screen or ‘Twin’ our theatre?”, Brew-N-View (Theatre, Restaurant / Entertainment Venue) design.  We are currently offering a great deal on a 16mm Eiki Theatrical Projector for sale or lease. This includes everything you need to get started (perfect for a film club, or school): two full-feature-length extra-large reels, power supply and pedestal stand.  E-mail for more information.


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